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North Carolina 


All of our products are sourced from NC Small Businesses & Farms

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Goat Lady Dairy

 "Since 1995, Goat Lady Dairy has changed our customers' relationship to local food and farming by giving them a direct connection to their food."


Boxcarr Handmade Cheese

 "Our dedication to family, hard work, and great food are the soul of Boxcarr Farms and Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. We hope you’ll taste that in every bite."


Three Graces Dairy

 "From soil to seed to grass to feed
From goat, sheep and cow to kid, lamb and calf
From milk to curd to cheese
Farmstead means it all happens on our farm!"


San Giuseppe Salami Co

 "How a husband and wife from Long Island started a Salumeria in North Carolina..."


Darë Vegan Cheese

 "Using the same traditional cheesemaking techniques, sans dairy, Darë Vegan Cheese creates an artisan, aged, alternative- unique to Asheville. Their culturing process creates gut healthy probiotics that both flavor our cheese and give back to your body"


Hickory Nut Gap

 "In 1916, James and Elizabeth McClure settled in Fairview, North Carolina before paved roads and bustling business came to pass. They saw the beauty of the mountains and an opportunity for a better life."

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